Feb 20, 2011

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.

i know it's cheating if you don't post pictures of yourself on your blog, but you have to understand that my time is too limited right now, i'm working on my dissertation day and night...  so instead i want to tell you about jack sparrow (pirates of the caribbean) and how he inspires me fashionwise. he's just always so dirty yet stylish... i love his eye makeup, haha. and i'm soooo into chunky rings with stones and skulls right now, as soon as i hand in my paper i will order some online :)

have a nice evening



  1. Hallöchen,
    Bin soeben über deinen Blog gestolpert und wollte dich hiermit zu meinem Gewinnspiel einladen ;)

    Hier Klicken zum Teilnehmen

  2. LOL thats funny that you said he have great make up because I was thinking the same thing too when I watch the movie, and I do love his accessories. Good luck with your dissertation