Jan 13, 2012

next stop, vegas please.

hi guys!

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Dec 12, 2011

I am bringing sexy back.

Hi guys!
Look what I got! I've been drooling over those for the last 10 years (I'm not lying) and today I decided that it was time to make that dream come true! I'm really into buying classic wardrobe staples that and not really follow too many of all these fashion rules. Of course, I love fashion, but to me fashion has also something to do with expressing yourself and who you are. I am the kind of girl that buys Timberland boots and has a glittery pink iPhone cover. I don't like to put myself into one or the other category of (fashion) person. I'm just myself, and I try to be as unique as I can so that people recognize me when they see me, hear me, or talk to me.
During the last few months, fashion wise, I have changed in a very specific aspect: I have started to care about my shoes. Before that, shoes and their quality was not of the highest importance to me. The only branded shoes I had were my converse shoes that I've been wearing for the last 10 years. But somehow, during the last months I started to appreciate the quality of fine leather. I decided to show you guys my favorite pairs in the next few posts, so be prepared to seeing some of my babies! Tomorrow, the first post will be about the new additions to my connection that came from the US and that I will be picking up tomorrow at the post office! So, be excited, you know for sure that I am.