Feb 18, 2011

i was meant to tread the water, but now i've gotten in too deep

hello my dear readers! i really have to hurry up if i want to finish my paper in time for next friday so today i won't give you an outfit post but instead i want to show you the things i am surrounded by right now. i don't really leave my desk (only if i need to replace a candle or if i have to make some more tea)... besides, an outfit post would be more than boring, cause today i just threw on a pair of black jeans and a white tee. wish me luck and till tomorrow!


green tea - healthier than red bull and keeps me awake!

my beloved macbook skin!!!

my bubba gumps shrimp co. mug and giotto - i'm kinda addicted to it.

i basically never do anything without lighting candles at home

bruno mars, alicia keys, james morrison... favourite music right now


  1. Just came across your blog and wanted to invite you to take part at my giveaway ;)
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  2. Dein Schneewittchen- Macbook ist wirklich obercool. :)

  3. I like those photos!!! very inspiring


  4. James morrison ist der absolut beste!! Ah nur bei dem namen hab ich jetzt schin wieder nen ohrwurm I love him! Und Bruno mars ist auch nicht schlecht ;)