Feb 13, 2011

she acts like summer and walks like rain.

did you all have anice weekend? i did, even though saturday was quite exhausting - my dad and his wife moved to an apartment on the second floor and they have really heavy furniture. but in the evening i celebrated our 3 years anniversary with my boyfriend, so that was a nice ending for the day. 3 years. makes me feel old, ha.
on the pictures i am wearing a cat eye mask aroung my waist, because i bought it and never quite knew how to wear it. and a belt seems like a good everyday solution. it's very hard not to buy stuff, because almost every blogger i follow constantly gets so nice and pretty things that inspire me and make me wanna shop till my feet hurt or something. but oh well, if i want to go to singapore for an internship in summer i will have to save some money... 
i discovered this relatively old album "drops of jupiter" by train. they are the band that landed the hit "hey soul sister" in 2010, you know? the make good music! especially the song"missisippi" is so sad and beautiful... i am spending the evening listening to music and telling myself that i am starting to have a HUGE problem with finfishing my bachelor thesis in time, i have like 12 days left and a LOT of work to do... hate it! my last semester of university starts tomorrow and i have to say i am kinda happy about it. finally something to do and a structure for my day, after almost 2 months of doing basically nothing. sounds odd, but i enjoy having some reason to get up in the morning.


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