Mar 31, 2011

won't you come on over and stop making a fool out of me.

hello you all! i know, i havent't been blogging for a while. sorry for that, but i think i'm going through a little tiny depressive phase right now. i had and have a ton of stuff to do for uni... hate it! tomorrow i am goingt to madrid for the weekend, i want to visit my granddad who lives there. i probably won't see him for a long time... today i was (window)shopping in frankfurt, and had lunch with my boyfriend who works for a bank in the city center. i totally fell in love with these shoes from zara! i want them soooooo badly! can't get over them. but they'll have to wait for me, as i don't have the money to afford 80€ for shoes right now. maybe in madrid, when the weather is nice and i'm in the mood :D

talk to you soon guys, thanks for following!

my outfit of the day... i know, the skirt is waaay to short.

so in love with those!

Mar 17, 2011

tick tock on the clock.

i got a new watch! ordered it for a few € on ebay, still don't know why, but it arrived today and i kinda love it, haha. just perfect as an accessoire for long party nights or simple outfits. 


Mar 15, 2011

u can't touch this!

love love love these pants! they are SO mc hammer meets one thousand and one nights!  i got them in bangkok, where you could get them at almost any little shop along the street. i instantly had a vision of high heels and a black blazer, and it totally worked as i found out tonight :)
i went to have dinner with my dad, his wife and a friend of ours from thailand, who was in germany because of the international tourism fair in berlin. we had a nice evening and i ate waaay to much schnitzel! my presentation today went well, so one less thing to do. yay! tomorrow i'm gonna take some time to go to dm and buy some natural cosmetic products... my dad's wife persuaded me to search for healthier options than the stuff i usually use. it really is true: you don't necessarily have to buy stuff containing harmful ingredients. all righty, i'm gonna go to be now - sooo tired lately, don't know what's wrong with me!


some people live for the fortune.

totally apologize for the bad quality of the pictures, the lighting was horrible and i didn't really have much time. this was the outfit i wore yesterday in the evening, when i went to a tem meeting for my governance presentation. we prepared and updated the slides and after that we cooked together, which was very nice :)
on thursday i'm going to a huge st. patrick's day party in wiesbaden! sooooo excited! i already have painted my nails green, hehe.


Mar 10, 2011

shake your tailfeather.

today i wore a simple light-pink shirt and a grey jeans. nothing fancy, i admit. but i combined it with my new favourite necklace i got at F21 in washington. isn't it beautiful?! i love it! the feathers, the golden metal chain, the leather... everything! oh and i got a bag, too. it's this typical alexa look-a-like. i have one in brown, but sometimes i need a black one and so i got this rather clean interpretation of the alexa from filene's. do you like it?

besides of that, my day was not too busy, in the afternoon i worked on a text i need for a presentation in governance. yawn!


Mar 9, 2011

dear mister president.

well, well... i had two interesting days on monday and tuesday. i spontaneously decided to join my mom on a daytrip to washington, D.C. we arrived in the afternnon on monday and left tuesday in the afternoon, ha. we basically had to run through the city to see all the sights i wanted to visit, but we made it! you can see it yourselves:

world war II memorial
lincoln memorial
lincoln memorial
washington monument
me :)

i had the best time! honestly, it was SO cool that we could go up to the top of washington memorial for free! you have the best view on everything from up there, and we were so lucky with the weather... so all in all, it was totally worth flying a total of fifteen hours to walk around in washington for 10 hours. globalization is crazy, right?

on a nonrelated topic: i fell in love with a leather trenchcoat from burberry. it is freakishly expensive, but AWESOME!!!

from burberry online shop
i adore the padding and the zippers, so elegant and cool at the same time! i'm kinda into the whole motorcycle trend right now, i would actually kill for the isabel marant red biker pants

uni is quite boring these days, not meaning that i have nothing to do, but rather that the things i have to do are superboring yet exhausting. i'm gonna go to bed right now, as i didn't get a lot of sleep during the last days and i have to be fit tomorrow for a day-long lecture on aviation strategy. yay!


Mar 6, 2011

grew up in a town that was famous as a place of movie scenes.

i found this absolutely stunning picture from Revue De Modes S/S 2011 via Casey's blog. she's GORGEOUS, don't you think?!

i've been quite busy with uni lately, and honestly i'm having a pretty tough time because of my sucky bachelor thesis. i really should have put some more effort into it. we'll see how it works out, in about 3 weeks i'll know more. additionally, i've been having a series of 8-hour lectures in aviation management, which are quite exhausting. been putting up some new things on kleiderkreisel, maybe you find something you like...

i was planning to fly to new york with a good friend of mine for 2 days next week, but i had to cancel the trip because of some uni stuff and my bank account (i hate being broke! maybe i wouldn't be that broke if i didn't spend all my money on travelling and clothes, haha). but i guess i'll compensate the loss with a daytrip to london on monday. alone. no one has time for me. i'm such a lonely person. awwww! but at least my dear camera will come with me, the only friend i can rely on :)

one last picture: the paella my grandma made for me when she was here last week :) yummie!