Feb 15, 2011

hey seoul sister.

before christmas, me and my boyfriend visited his sister who lives in seoul, south korea. we only spent 2 days there and then went on to bangkok, but i took some nice pictures there and i want to share them with you. my impression of korea is that it is very similar to germany - only a thousand times as crowded. but it is a very civilized country (what does "civilized" even mean?!) and it was awfully cold there, so that reminded me of home. but there are sooo many people everywhere, constantly bumping into you and blocking the seats in the subway... but i still liked it just for the sake of the experience. i love travelling and seeing new things and places, and after all the food is so interesting! on the first evening, we went to a korean BBQ place, where you have a little grill in the middle of your table, and you grill your meat and then roll it into leaves together with al sorts of other delicacies and eat the leaf just like a wrap! and the eat sushi by the roll, without cutting the slices! so, here are some impressions of south korea's capital.

oh, and forgive me if it's too many pictures, i just couldn't pick less... just klick on "more..." at the bottom of the post to see all of the pictures!)

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  1. wow, tolle bilder! :)