Feb 3, 2011

get on your chucks!

sooo, on friday i'm flying to hongkong with my mom for two days! i'm sooo excited! i've never been there and have been wanting to see hongkong for very long! i will take tons of photos and post them after i come back.

today i packed everything i need for hongkong and for thursday, which i am basically going to spend in the university of my boyfriend, doing research on my beloved thesis... at least i get to see him now and then. oh, and i got my hair cut today! probably you won't notice the difference, but i do!! they cut like 2-3cm off and that makes a huge difference if your hair is only 5cm long ;) here you can see the result:

i'm kind of a freak for galaxy-stuff right now, that's why i NEED this book:

oh, and i want to have a tote bag printed with this picture on it (you can see a version of it in my upper right corner):

so, my next post will be on monday, till then



  1. this last picture is so nice. (:
    xoxo, sophia.


  2. schöööner blog <3 verfolge dich, da ich so einen blog gerne unterstütze. viell. magst du dasselbe bei mir auch tun?