Feb 10, 2011

there's no place like home.

soooo, i guess i'm home! hongkong was awesome, i had a great time. i had never been to china before, so it was really interesting getting to know the culture and the way of living. i guess hongkong is not exactly represantative for china, but you definitely get a glimpse ;)
here i have some pictures for you, tomorrow i'll post more of them. i didn't buy a lot of things, because i'm not in the financial position. but i got some things, and i will post them one of the following days. i will only say so much: i broke a holy rule of fashion, but i really think that in my case it does not count ;)

at the top of victoria peak

hongkong harbour

on kowloon

mid levels escalators
i also went to see black swan yesterday, and i really really liked it. although it was kinda creepy (i get freaked out when people cut their nails or anywhere around them) i think it's a cool film and you should see it. natalie portman was very pretty and she danced like an angel, but who i asolutely LOVED was mila kunis! she has got that crazy, dark, sexy aura around her that made me google her right away. what i found out was shocking: the dated macaulay culkin for like 8 years or so!! he is such a sad person, don't you think? anyways, the broke up recently so i forgive her for that mistake... 
mila kunis for nylon magazine
i've also got some wardrobe resolutions i want to follow: due to the balance on my bank account i decided not to buy too many clothes anymore, not until summer. i want to make a list of items i really need or want to buy, and once the item has been on the list for two weeks and i still think i need it i can buy it. but i will still have a limit of 3 pieces per month. and for them, i have a budget of 50€ per month. if i don't spend the money in one month, i can add the money to next month's budget.
i had a look at my wardrobe, and i honestly don't need anything more, i have everything. in the last weeks i discovered that i prefer simple colors like black, blue, white, and nude, and i will try to create new outfits with what i have instead of constantly buying new items and wearing them once or twice before forgetting about them. let's see how long this will last...



  1. great pictures!


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  2. ney york looks amazing and I totally love that shirt you're wearing in the first pic~!

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  3. thanks hanna :) but it wasn't new york it was hongkong, hehe!