Jan 29, 2011

put a smile on your face.

i bought this shirt on my last day
in bangkok to remind me of the fun i had there :)
tomorrow i will do my taxes for the years 2009 and 2010... at least that's the plan! i have some stuff up on kleiderkreisel, maybe you want to have a look, guys! i am in the process of experimenting with blog design, inspired by these very helpful ladies! i was amazed by the effect it has if you edit your pictures so that they all have the same width, haha.

it is supersuperlate, so i'm going to sleep. tomorrow i'll do a really cool outfit post, i promise!



  1. danke für den tipp. waren die hosen bei g-star aus leder? liebste grüße

  2. gerne. nein, leider nicht aus leder... aber ich dachte vielleicht hilft es dir trotzdem :)