Jan 31, 2011

have you ever tried sleeping with a broken heart?

above you can see some outfits i put on today. i was sorting out my closet when i found some pieces i hadn't worn for a long time or never worn at all, rspectively. for example the light pink dress from H&M... i bought in in the online sale some weeks ago for 20€ and i love how it flows! can't wait for the first summer party!
the college jacket is my newest piece, i got it when i was in the city with my mom some days ago. she liked it and basically pushed me towards buying it. my boyfriend hates it because he thinks college jackets look cheap. i don't know, but i think i like it. let's see how often i will be wearing it haha. the ruffled top in the last two pictures is from F21 and i bought it in black and light pink. the fabric is almost silk-like and it seems to go with everything.

sooo today i found an old book from my childhood. it was my favourite book ever! the text is in german but i want to post it anyway as it means so much to me back then :) 


isn't it a nice text? i'll keep it for my children so that they can read it and dicover what really matters in this world :)