Jan 19, 2011

just random / wanna go back to thailand

sorry for not posting for a couple of days... i haven't been home much and -stupid me- didn't take my beloved camera with me. i'm at my boyfriend's and writing my boring dissertation right now. i have the feeling that concentration is better when I'm not at home haha.

BUT today i made the effort to come home because i was waiting for an H&M and a rock-kleidung package to arrive. result: H&M wasn't there, rock-kleidung WAS! couldn't wait to rip it open (i guess my neighbour who had taken the package for me thought i was mentally deranged or something)... and then came the shock: i received the wrong shipment. it wasn't for me but for some gal in the US :( totally hated the 3 shirts that were in the package BTW. who orders something that ugly from across the globe? tzz... well, i talked to the people of rock-kleidung.com, and at first they wanted to resend my package... but then they told me they have this holiday coming up and it would be better if they refunded me my money and i order again sometime in february. we'll see if i will. does not seem like that right now, haha.

BTW: the picture was taken in thailand, where i spent christmas this year!