Jan 26, 2011

oh na na ... whats my name?

yippieeeeeh! GOT IT! i absolutely loved the
jacket in rihanna's video, and have been
searching for it for EVER. now i found it - for 15€

zara bag - 15€

again - sooo lucky! when i saw these zara
boots some months ago on lookbook.nu, i
instantly wanted them to be MINE! now i
found them on sale for only 30€ ! ! !

earrings primark - 3€ each

today, i had the feeling that the sales gods were on my side! i just wanted to wander around after my visit at wax in the city... but then i found the jacket and the boots i had been searching for a long time :) now i promised the gods that i would end the day in a superdisciplined way - doing research for my bachelor thesis. well, we'll see. hehe.

right now i can't really do outfit posts, as i am at my boyfriend's and didn't bring my tripod and camera... i took the other pictures with my iphone.


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