Mar 6, 2011

grew up in a town that was famous as a place of movie scenes.

i found this absolutely stunning picture from Revue De Modes S/S 2011 via Casey's blog. she's GORGEOUS, don't you think?!

i've been quite busy with uni lately, and honestly i'm having a pretty tough time because of my sucky bachelor thesis. i really should have put some more effort into it. we'll see how it works out, in about 3 weeks i'll know more. additionally, i've been having a series of 8-hour lectures in aviation management, which are quite exhausting. been putting up some new things on kleiderkreisel, maybe you find something you like...

i was planning to fly to new york with a good friend of mine for 2 days next week, but i had to cancel the trip because of some uni stuff and my bank account (i hate being broke! maybe i wouldn't be that broke if i didn't spend all my money on travelling and clothes, haha). but i guess i'll compensate the loss with a daytrip to london on monday. alone. no one has time for me. i'm such a lonely person. awwww! but at least my dear camera will come with me, the only friend i can rely on :)

one last picture: the paella my grandma made for me when she was here last week :) yummie!



  1. die Bilder sind wirklich klasse
    London - Ny wow nimm mich bitte mit :P

  2. Ah, NYC!! I want to move there. :)