Mar 15, 2011

u can't touch this!

love love love these pants! they are SO mc hammer meets one thousand and one nights!  i got them in bangkok, where you could get them at almost any little shop along the street. i instantly had a vision of high heels and a black blazer, and it totally worked as i found out tonight :)
i went to have dinner with my dad, his wife and a friend of ours from thailand, who was in germany because of the international tourism fair in berlin. we had a nice evening and i ate waaay to much schnitzel! my presentation today went well, so one less thing to do. yay! tomorrow i'm gonna take some time to go to dm and buy some natural cosmetic products... my dad's wife persuaded me to search for healthier options than the stuff i usually use. it really is true: you don't necessarily have to buy stuff containing harmful ingredients. all righty, i'm gonna go to be now - sooo tired lately, don't know what's wrong with me!


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