Mar 31, 2011

won't you come on over and stop making a fool out of me.

hello you all! i know, i havent't been blogging for a while. sorry for that, but i think i'm going through a little tiny depressive phase right now. i had and have a ton of stuff to do for uni... hate it! tomorrow i am goingt to madrid for the weekend, i want to visit my granddad who lives there. i probably won't see him for a long time... today i was (window)shopping in frankfurt, and had lunch with my boyfriend who works for a bank in the city center. i totally fell in love with these shoes from zara! i want them soooooo badly! can't get over them. but they'll have to wait for me, as i don't have the money to afford 80€ for shoes right now. maybe in madrid, when the weather is nice and i'm in the mood :D

talk to you soon guys, thanks for following!

my outfit of the day... i know, the skirt is waaay to short.

so in love with those!


  1. really love your style!!
    awesome post!!!!

    follow u honey

  2. ich mag die jacke.. und die schuhe sind wirklich toll !