Mar 9, 2011

dear mister president.

well, well... i had two interesting days on monday and tuesday. i spontaneously decided to join my mom on a daytrip to washington, D.C. we arrived in the afternnon on monday and left tuesday in the afternoon, ha. we basically had to run through the city to see all the sights i wanted to visit, but we made it! you can see it yourselves:

world war II memorial
lincoln memorial
lincoln memorial
washington monument
me :)

i had the best time! honestly, it was SO cool that we could go up to the top of washington memorial for free! you have the best view on everything from up there, and we were so lucky with the weather... so all in all, it was totally worth flying a total of fifteen hours to walk around in washington for 10 hours. globalization is crazy, right?

on a nonrelated topic: i fell in love with a leather trenchcoat from burberry. it is freakishly expensive, but AWESOME!!!

from burberry online shop
i adore the padding and the zippers, so elegant and cool at the same time! i'm kinda into the whole motorcycle trend right now, i would actually kill for the isabel marant red biker pants

uni is quite boring these days, not meaning that i have nothing to do, but rather that the things i have to do are superboring yet exhausting. i'm gonna go to bed right now, as i didn't get a lot of sleep during the last days and i have to be fit tomorrow for a day-long lecture on aviation strategy. yay!


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